Eating in Gratitude

August 19, 2019

I had a moment at dinner last night that made me quite emotional. Sitting down to eat one of our chickens that my husband roasted while I was busy finishing up my workday - sure, he accidentally roasted it upside down, and he may have burned the garlic on top - but it was one of the most flavorful and nourishing meals ever. 

I had to sit in gratitude for a moment:

-Gratitude for the privilege of having access to food that is so fresh, nourishing and flavorful and healing. It is a privilege to eat this food and I want to appreciate it as such. There are many people that either do have access and/or the knowledge of how important it is. It is too easy to simply take it for granted!

-Gratitude that food has the healing power to change lives. Just a few years ago, we were sitting around the table as a family, worried sick about my daughter who had dropped 26 pounds in just two months due to a (then) unknown illness that was leaving her malnourished and disappearing before our very eyes… a skin and bones shadow of herself. As if someone was turning down the dimmer switch on her life a little more each day. By simply changing her diet, she is now well enough to be finishing college this year, to be a certified health coach and using her experience to help others on their journey towards health.

-Gratitude for knowledge and access to information about the difference between food grown/raised conventionally (and what its sprayed with) versus food that’s grown on regenerative farms by farmers who care enough about the environment, our health, and the health of our soil microbiome and its effect on our gut microbiome, to take the road less traveled and swim against the powerful stream of conventional agriculture.

So, the next time you or your family find yourselves eating some of our local 100% grass-fed, grass-finished pasture-raised meats, or biting into a juicy local organic peach, placing a perfectly tender shiitake sautéed in grass-fed butter in your mouth, or tossing together a nutrient-dense salad of microgreens, take an extra moment in gratitude for the food you and you’re family are eating. 

And take a moment to thank yourself for caring about the food you feed yourself and your loved ones. While you may not notice it or think about it with every bite, clean food matters to every cell in your body, and you are making an incredibly positive difference in your families' lives. Both for today and for their future.

Yours in gratitude (and off to eat a snack),


Kristin Varela-Schild

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