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A Thanksgiving Lamb Roast

November 26, 2019

My father was the cook in our family.  He was also passionate about hunting.  Holidays growing up were often spent wondering if I'd get lucky enough to see a beautifully brown, plump butterball turkey from the grocery store on the table as all of my friends, or if I'd "be forced to" eat pheasant, duck, rabbit, venison or some other seemingly exotic (to a 9-year-old) edible memento of my dad's hunting excursion the weekend before.  

In hindsight, I had no idea how lucky I was to be presented with such fresh meats, living their whole lives in lush green marshy fields under the bright blue sky. I only wish I would have expressed my gratitude to my father before he passed away.

Now as an adult with a family of my own, I'm less tied to commercial convention, and more focused on providing the most nourishing holiday meal possible to my family, both in terms of nutrient-density and also in terms of feeding our familial souls. My choice cut for holidays this year is going to be the leg of lamb and the rib-in lamb shoulder roast. They're quite simple to roast with a flavorful rub of fresh garlic, fresh rosemary, Himalayan salt, and olive oil.  The smell wafting through the house is worthy of the family festivities, and these impressive cuts look magnificent as the main attraction on a holiday table. 

While you may think its too late to order, defrost and prepare a leg of lamb for Thanksgiving, that's just not so.  If you place your order now, we will deliver on Wednesday morning, and you can defrost in a running cool water bath Wednesday afternoon, storing in the fridge overnight, ready for roasting on Thursday!

Wishing you and your family a holiday season full of gratitude, grace and local pasture-raised meats.



Kristin Varela-Schild

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