Hi there, clean food enthusiasts, supporters of local farmers, foodies, and generally any and all humans who eat food and want to be healthy! Hey you with the snack in your hand, that looks tasty. Yep, I’m talking to you too.  I’m Kristin. My family has been involved in the regenerative farming industry since 2011.  

Back then we invested in a local conventional farm to convert it to grow USDA certified organic produce. With the help of a team of world-renowned advisors and mentors, we evolved it into a fully regenerative no-till farm also raising grass-fed/finished beef and pasture-raised eggs. In 2018 we shifted gears and refined our focus to find the cleanest of the clean local foods and bring them directly to the consumer (that's you!).

While we had always eaten relatively healthy, a while back we had a nasty scare when my oldest daughter became quite sick with a mystery illness that took months and month and a broad team of doctors to sleuth out.  It turned out to be an autoimmune disease that is manageable solely with food. The docs told us that to get her healthy, we had to completely change the way our family ate. While we thought we were pretty health conscious before when you have to be aware of literally every…single…ingredient that enters your mouth we quickly realized, how important it is to know and trust our food source. If it's grown locally, whether it is truly organic, if it's sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, if it's picked ripe and fresh (or been sitting around losing nutrient density) and how it is grown are now all critical factors to the health of our daughter.

During this process, I’ve had many friends and neighbors comment on how hard it is to find truly local, healthy, organic produce and proteins.  Have you ever tried to find truly grass fed/finished, locally raised beef bones for bone broth?  It's almost impossible.  You practically need a degree in marketing to get past the B.S. of misleading labels and terminology and find what you’re really looking for.  Health food stores that I used to trust have become a minefield of confusing terminology.  

Simultaneously, I recognize the challenge that local farmers face.  They're busy on the farm!  Trying to carve out time and energy to market their farm direct to consumers, find customers, package their products and somehow get them into the hands of customers (who simply don't have time to drive an hour or more directly to the farm just to pick up some eggs) is beyond daunting.  

And hence, Kristin’s Farm Stand was born. I wanted to be that link between the local farmers I personally know and trust, and customers who want, need and appreciate the fruits of their labor.  These are the foods I serve at my own dinner table... foods that help my family maintain health.

Whether you have a health need for food this clean, want to know where you food ACTUALLY comes from, or even just hate buying your produce right next to granny panties in a massive mega-mart of a grocery store, you've come to the right place.  I look forward to meeting you in person and getting to know you!